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Beach Bride | Washington DC Bridal Photographer

Beach Bride | Washington DC Bridal Photographer

Washington DC Bridal Photographer. For me personally, I adore the photo-journalism style of photography when it comes to weddings. The photos that make you feel like you are a fly on the wall, where by looking at a photo you can hear the laughter, feel the love, smell the food, be part of the vibe of the day.

I feel like taking a few hours away from your big day to rush in some posed, formal photos, while great to have, can take away from the whole experience of your wedding day. Which is why I am a great believer in Bridal Portraiture. A day after the wedding, after the honeymoon, after all the madness and high from the big day has all died down to put on your dress again (and, if you can convince him, your new hubby to don his suit again) and get some magical editorial style shots of you in your gown, looking relaxed, tanned, and beautiful.

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