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11 on the 11th June | Washington DC Family Photographer - LR Photography | Washington DC Photgraphy | Weddings | Corporate Head Shots | We do it all
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11 on the 11th June | Washington DC Family Photographer

11 on the 11th June | Washington DC Family Photographer

Washington DC Family Photographer. So, I’m not entirely sure how, but somehow……some….how….I have agreed to be a part of a blog circle. However, this isn’t any old blog circle. The other photographers joining in on this 12 month project ooze talent and creativity from every pore. And even though I feel more than slightly intimidated by all of this, I am excited to use it as a motivator to push me creatively.

The gist is we post 11 pictures on the 11th of every month (hence the title – clever!), with the eleventh image being a self portrait. Other than those guidelines, it is open to interpretation.

SO for me, I am using this as a reason to take more photos of my children. This will be almost like our month in review, while trying to push myself creatively. As for the self portrait…I cant say that aspect excited me an awful lot. HOWEVER. I am coming around to the idea. I figure that one day, not only will I be grateful I have these photos, but so will my children. I am always behind the lens. Need to get in front just a little more.

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