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A Man & His beautiful kids | LR Photography - LR Photography | Washington DC Photgraphy | Weddings | Corporate Head Shots | We do it all
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A Man & His beautiful kids | LR Photography

A Man & His beautiful kids | LR Photography

Washington DC photographer. Probably the most exciting aspect of moving home for me, without a doubt, was to be able to spend time with my family again. I am very close to my two gorgeous sisters, and my youngest sister, Amy, just had a beautiful new baby girl. I also got to meet my handsome almost 2 year old nephew for the first time too. Melbourne photographer.
Little Evie is such a tiny wee peanut, and likes to be held…..a lot! It meant we had to be creative with the photos, but I think we managed to get some beautiful ones to remember her at this age.

Poor Amy is exhausted with sleep deprivation caused by the newborn madness, and exacerbated by having an energetic toddler to look after too – the usual story. However, she looks pretty good despite this I think! So often as mothers we shy away from the camera, thinking our hair isnt right, our bodies dont look the way we want them to after having our kids, the bags under our eyes could use a bit of make up before we get in front of the lenses. However, I think it is so important to have photos of us with our kids, being mummy’s, doing what we do every day. it will be so important to our kids in years to come to see that we were young, pretty, fun once too.

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